Dr. Beth is the founder of AMP! (Advanced Metabolic Program). This program is designed to help ambitious & highly motivated women suffering from burnout to feel sexy, confident & limitless!

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What is Naturopathic Medicine?

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Hydrotherapy is a powerful modality utilizing hot and cold applications that aids in weight loss, helps reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue, insomnia and more.

TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine

In TCM, pulse and tongue diagnosis is the basis of determining a specific disease state of the patient, and modalities such as acupuncture or cupping are utilized. Acupuncture can be used for many conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, chronic fatigue, pain and more. In the same way you have to flip the breaker when it becomes tripped, acupuncture essentially resets the body when it is overwhelmed in order to return to a balanced state. Fire cupping is useful for many conditions including pain.